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You've reached the mailbox of Christina Vineyard. Please leave a message after the tone.


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How is my driving? Let me know here!


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⚔ Malphas
Vermouth | ???
Weak: Light, Ice | Strong: Dark, Fire

Slap (Inflicts a very small amount of physical damage to one enemy.)
Agi (Inflicts a small amount of Fire damage on one enemy.)
Eiha (Inflicts a small amount of Dark damage on one enemy.)

Poisma (50% chance of inflicting the Poison ailment on one target.)
Dormina (50% chance of inflicting the Sleep ailment on one target.)
Marin Karin (50% chance of inflicting the Brainwash ailment on one target.)
Makajam (50% chance of inflicting the Amnesia ailment on one target.)
Devil Touch (50% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.)

Life Will Change (Caster can cause any effect to all targets (they can pick what they want for each one), however after casting, they will have Amnesia)

Boost (Attacks are 25% more effective)
Dodge (Doubles evasion against attacks.)
Stone Feet (25% less chance to be knocked down from a knockdown or a critical hit)
Counter (10% chance of repelling Physical attacks)
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OOC Information
Name: Meowkitty
Are you over 18?: Yes
Contact: [plurk.com profile] MKSakura

IC Information
Character: Sharon Vineyard, Chris Vineyard, Vermouth
Age: 60, appears late 20s (estimated)
Canon: Detective Conan
Canon Point: Episode 783, the car ride with Bourbon


Here is a wiki link of her history in episodic order.


From an outside perspective, Vermouth is a woman of mystery. She likes to keep people guessing. This suits her well in her double life, especially since one side is in the limelight and the other is in a crime group renowned for wiping out any evidence of their existence. Practicality aside, she also enjoys the aesthetic, believing that “a secret makes a woman.” Vermouth’s personality often seems contradictory at times as she juggles different priorities. Like most Organization members, Vermouth can be quite cold and vicious. She often kills her marks with a smile. That said, Vermouth does not seek out violence for its own sake. Any criminal action she takes is either a direct order or for her own gains. She will also leave witnesses alive if she deems them not a threat, something that would be frowned upon by other operatives.

Vermouth is quite clever and confident. She concocts elaborate plans to gather information with almost no trace. When stuck in a difficult situation, she weaves her way out using quick thinking and improvisation. Manipulation is secondhand for her. However, she tends to be fooled by others’ brilliant strategies. She didn’t notice Conan pretending to be Sherry until too late and didn’t believe Akai faked his death even when the method was explained to her. This does not speak less of Vermouth’s intelligence. Rather, she is simply less thorough when considering possible countermoves. Her confidence and blasé thinking gets in the way. It doesn’t matter to her. Since she is the Boss’s favorite, Vermouth can afford to make mistakes that would get other members killed.

As mentioned above, Vermouth does not take her life of crime too seriously. She prefers to approach life with a carefree, playful attitude. Vermouth laughs openly when she feels like it, flirts when it suits her, and teases her fellow teammates. Other members dislike her for it, but she doesn’t really mind. She responds to threats nonchalantly, as though she doesn’t care whether she lives or dies. This hints towards Vermouth’s self destructive tendencies. While acting as Sharon, she speaks in a depressive manner, claiming her life has been full of misery. Years of being stuck in a criminal organization have likely taken a toll on her morale. There is no leaving the Black Organization alive, and the Boss would never let her try. This might be why she quietly acts against the Organization by keeping secrets from them and hoping that Conan will someday destroy them.

The only treasures in her life are Ran and Shinichi. After they unknowingly saved her life in New York City, they have earned her unconditional admiration. These two are the closest anyone can get to having her loyalty. Vermouth is fiercely protective of them, going as far as directly defying orders to keep them safe. This protection also extends to their families, since any direct connection killed by the Organization would put them at risk. Her feelings for them may have also pushed her to reconsider her morals. She willingly promises Shinichi not to hunt Sherry anymore, despite her personal feelings towards the scientist’s research. Any hope that Vermouth holds lies in these two.


Vermouth is a master of disguise, taught by the famous magician Toichi Kuroba. She impersonates others using a mixture of makeup, latex masks, and costuming. This skill is usually used to collect information secretly.

At some point, she has been involved with the Black Organization's deaging experiments. This makes her look just as young as she did 20 years ago. Vermouth has residual negative feelings over the experiment, shown through her hostility towards Sherry and her parents.

Vermouth also has excellent marksmanship with a gun. She's not as skilled as the snipers, but she can shoot confidently from a moving vehicle.

Name: Malphas
Branch: Combatant
Type(s): Dark, Fire
Style(s): Sorcerer
Passive: Dual

Writing Sample
Link for Vermouth's non-acting voice.
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